Chapman's Zebra (Damaraland)
Chapman's Zebra

Average Mass:
310 kg (682 lb)

Average Shoulder Height:
130 cm (51")

Rowland Ward:


Chapman's Zebra (Damaraland) Spoor

Track: 127mm (5") x 102mm (4")

Chapman's Zebra Distribution

Damaraland zebras are easily identified by the brown 'shadow' stripes between the black-and-white stripes on their coats. Usually the stripes on the legs do not run all the way to the hooves. A plains zebra

The Chapman's zebra or the Damara zebra (Equus burchelli antiquorum) is a subspecies of plains zebra occurring from Southern Ethiopia to Angola, Namibia and eastern South Africa. It is characterized by a pattern of broad, dark stripes alternating with thin, light shadow-stripes. The stripes fade into the brownish color of the body on the hindquarters and are absent altogether on the legs.

The Chapman's Zebra was named after James Chapman; an English naturalist of the nineteenth century