Nile Crocodile

Average Mass:
910 kg (2000 lb)

Average Length:
5.5 m + (18 '+)

Rowland Ward:
4.27 m (14 ') Length

2.75 m (9 ')

Crocodile Spoor

Front: 180mm (4 1/4") x 150mm (4 1/4")
Hind: 180mm (4 1/4") x 150mm (4 1/4")

Nile Crocodile Distribution

Distribution throughout Africa (Tropical lakes and river systems).

Categorical-discrete (CD) distribution model

Rivers and lakes, capable of remaining in suspension just below the surface of the water, with only the tip of its nostrils and the part of the head containing the eyes, visible. A large crocodile can remain almost invisible in murky waters. It's method of attack is to glide as close as possible underwater to its victim - generally a drinking animal - and then charge out of the water to seize its pray in it's multi toothed and powerful jaws.

Being unable to chew, a crocodile will grip it's victim and by rapid revolutions of it's entire body, tear off pieces which it swallows whole.

A crocodile does not slither like a snake, but can walk with it's entire length clear of the ground.

Food varies from barbel to full grown buffalo. A crocodile can reach an age of up to 120 years and more. It also keeps on growing until its death.