Kirk's Dikdik
Kirk's Dikdik

Average Mass:
5 kg (11 lb)

Average Shoulder Height:
30 cm (12")

Rowland Ward:
7.62 cm (3")

8 Points

Kirk's Dikdik Spoor

Track: 22mm (7/8") x 13mm (1/2")

Kirk's Dikdik Distribution

The name dik-dik is an imitation of the alarm cry.  Madoqua is from medaqqwa (Amharic) a small antelope.  Sir John Kirk (1832-1922), a Scottish naturalist, was British Consul General in Zanzibar from 1880 to 1887, and was formerly a physician and naturalist for Dr. Livingstone on his second journey.

Categorical-discrete (CD) distribution model

Dry terrain with dense, high brush  and kopies in East Africa.