Average Mass:

Average Shoulder Height:
106 cm (42")

Rowland Ward:


Spoor (Track) Not Available


Addax Distribution

The species is seriously endangered and mostly extinct from its original range of distribution

The species' range has contracted markedly during the last half of the century. Little is known about the current distribution of the isolated remnant populations, also as a result of their capacity for long seasonal migrations. Formerly ranging from Egypt to Tunisia and Morocco , this species has been exterminated in the northern part of the Sahara (Newby, 1984) and is currently present only from Mauritania to Sudan (Wilson & Reeder, 1993), but it is considered to be nearly extinct in the wild. According to East (1996) it still occurs in Chad , Mali , Mauritania , Niger , Sudan , and is extinct in Algeria , Egypt , Libya , Morocco (Loggers et al., 1992) and Tunisia population has been reintroduced. In Sudan (and probably also in Morocco , see Aulagnier & Thévenot, 1986) it may no longer occur as a resident species, but as part of populations moving from country to country (East, 1988). Its distribution map was obtained by joining five country maps from East (1988, 1990). After Dr. R. East's revision ( 23 June '97 ), its occurrence was marked as "possible" throughout the total range.

Categorical-discrete (CD) distribution model

The species occurs both in dune and stony deserts (East, 1988, 1990; Kingdon, 1997).