Barbary Wild Boar
Barbary Wild Boar

Average Mass:
44-320 kg (91-711 lb)

Average Shoulder height:
55-110 cm (1.8-3.6 ft)

Rowland Ward:


Barbary Wild Boar Spoor

Track: Size Not Available

Barbary Wild Boar Distribution

Formerly ranging over the entire Mediterranean coast, the wild boar now stretches only from Tunisia and Algeria to Morocco (Oliver, 1993). Feral or introduced populations are widespread elsewhere in Africa (Wilson & Reeder, 1993; Kingdon, 1997). Its distribution map was acquired from Oliver (1993) and revised by Dr. J.P. d’Huart ( 28 April ‘97 ). In Fig. only its natural range in North Africa was taken into account.

Categorical-discrete (CD) distribution model

The species is found mainly in oakwoods and scrubs; also in tamarisk groves on desert margins (Kingdon, 1997).

Activity is concentrated from dusk to dawn, with a primary resting period at night and a "siesta" during the early afternoon.  Wild boars rest in tight groups with bodily contact.  The resting place, used several times before being abandoned, is made of numerous troughs lined with leaves and branches.  Wild boar are excellent swimmers, and have been documented swimming between offshore islands up to 7 km / 4 miles apart.  Wallowing is a favourite activity, taking place several times during each summer afternoons in muddy waterholes.  In winter, this frequency drops to about once per week.  After wallowing, the wild boar rubs against trees and bushes, an activity that acts as a territorial marker.  Ten different vocalizations have been distinguished, and each mother can recognize her own offspring by voice.