Bates Pigmy Antelope
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Average Mass:
2 kg (4.4 lb)

Average Shoulder Height:

Rowland Ward:

3 8/16

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Bate's Pigmy Antelope Distribution

This antelope is discontinuously distributed in west and central Africa , being recorded from south-eastern Nigeria , south-eastern Cameroon , Eq. Guinea , north-eastern Gabon , north Congo and possibly south C.A.R., east former Zaire and west Uganda (Wilson & Reeder, 1993; East, 1996). This species’ geographic range was first obtained from Kingdon (1971-77). After a revision by Dr. R. East ( 23 June '97 ), it was largely refined using country maps in East (1988, 1990), information in the more recent Kingdon (1997) and the river network

Bate's dwarf antelopes are very small antelopes. Body length ranges between 500 and 575 mm, with a tail length of 45 to 50 mm. Males are only slightly larger, on average, than females.

Dwarf antelope males possess horns that extend back over their head on the same plane as the face. These horns are usually brown or fawn in color and are about 38 to 50 mm long.

The coat is a shiny dark chestnut on the back, becoming lighter toward the flanks.

Categorical-discrete (CD) distribution model

The species inhabits the equatorial forest, where it appears to prefer forest opening and forest/plantation mosaics. Water bound (Kingdon, 1997; East, 1988; 1990).