Beisa Oryx
Beisa Oryx
Beisa Oryx

Average Mass:
225 kg (495 lb)

Average Shoulder Height:
125 cm (49")

Rowland Ward:
78.43 cm (30 7/8 ")

70 Points

Beisa Oryx Spoor

Track: 89mm (3 1/2") x 76mm (3")

Beisa Oryx Distribution

Distribution is Ethiopia, Kenya (north of the Tana river), possibly Somalia, Sudan and Uganda. The Tana river marks the physical boundary between the Beisa and Fringed Eared Oryx.

A uniform beige colour over the body with a dark horizontal band dividing the flanks from the belly and a dark band encircling the upper forelegs. A vertical brown stripe from the forehead to muzzle. Both sexes have horns.

The female horns are longer and more slender, the male is heavier than the female.

Habitat is the high plateaux which are fairly fertile except during the dry season, they then go down into the valley's seeking what moisture remains. They can go for days without drinking and may be encountered very far from water.