Cordeaux's Dikdik
Cordeaux's Dikdik

Average Mass:
4.5 kg (10 lb)

Average Shoulder Height:
36 cm (14")

Rowland Ward:
5.41 cm (2 1/8")

6 Points

Cordeaux's Dikdik Spoor

Track: 22mm (7/8") x 13mm (1/2")

Cordeaux's Dikdik Distribution

Cordeaux DikDik distribution is the Awash river basin of Ethiopia and southern Djibouti.

A tiny antelope with a fairly prominent trunk like nose. Erectile crest of hair on the head. It has scent producing pre orbital glands. Greyish-yellow with a grizzled appearance and paler underbody. Distinctive white eye rings with large eyes. Horns are spiky, straight and semi concealed in the crest like hairs. Females are bigger than males but lack horns.

Habitat is usually rough rocky and overgrown areas of bush consisting of almost impenetrable Acacia thickets. Often found in valleys between limestone hills.

Feeds during the early mornings and late afternoon.

Diet consists of mainly leaves, occasionally green grass. Can apparently survive without water.