Guenther's Dikdik
Guenther's Dikdik

Average Mass:
3 kg (7 lb)

Average Shoulder Height:
35 cm (14")

Rowland Ward:
6.04 cm (2 3/8")

8 Points

Guenther's Dikdik Spoor

Track: 22mm (7/8") x 13mm (1/2")

Guenther's Dikdik Distribution

Restricted to East Africa , this dik-dik is known to occur in Ethiopia , Kenya , Somalia , Sudan and Uganda (Wilson & Reeder, 1993; East, 1996). A distribution map was obtained from Kingdon (1971-77), then updated using the country maps in East (1988) as indicated by Dr. R. East ( 23 June '97 ).

Its movable trunk-like nose helps keep it cool. Weighing 6.6 to 11 pounds -- about the size of a hare -- the dik-dik is one of the smallest antelopes. It can make the hair on its head stand up. It walks on both hooves and pseudo-claws

Categorical-discrete (CD) distribution model

The species occurs in arid areas, from grassland to bushland (Wilson, 1989; East, 1988; Kingdon, 1997).