Isabelline Gazelle
Isabelline Gazelle

Average Mass:
23 kg (50 lb)

Average Shoulder Height:
53 cm (21")

Rowland Ward:


Isabelline Gazelle Spoor

Track: 51mm (2") x 35mm (1 3/8")

Isabelline Gazelle Distribution

Distribution is Ethiopia and Sudan.

Habitat is desert plains

It is a small animal, it's coat is fawn colour with white belly. Both the males and females have horns, which are short and deeply fluted. The female is very similar to the male but their horns are thinner and smaller.

It lives in small herds of 20 although they can form much greater groups. The non territorial males form groups of bachelors, although it is normal to see old solitary males.

They cross great distances in search of food, its diet mainly consists of grass and foliage although they also eat grasshoppers and larvae.