Kafue Lechwe
Kafue Lechwe

Average Mass:
95 kg (210 lb)

Average Shoulder Height:
99 cm (39")

Rowland Ward:
75.89 cm (29 7/8 ")

70 Points

Kafue Lechwe Spoor

Track: 70mm (2 3/4") x 51mm (2")

Kafue Lechwe Distribution

Kafue lechwe are known as semi-aquatic antelopes and are regularly seen grazing in shoulder-deep water. When frightened, they completely submerge leaving only their nostrils showing. The Kafue lechwe is unique to the Kafue Flats.

Their long, rough greasy coat is reddish-brown with white undersides. The males have lyre-shaped horns which can be 90 cms long. The Kafue lechwe has distinctive black markings on its face and front legs.

Kafue lechwe are happiest standing in up to 50 cms depth of water, only coming out to rest or calve. Females produce one baby after 7-8 months gestation & give milk for 3-4 months

It gives a snorting-cough as an alert signal and during mating displays.