Mongalla Gazelle
Mongalla Gazelle

Average Mass:
27 kg (60 lb)

Average Shoulder Height:
61 cm (24")

Rowland Ward:
26.36 cm (10 3/8")

28 Points

Mongalla Gazelle Spoor

Track:44mm (1 3/4 ") x 25mm (1")

Mongalla Gazelle Distribution

Distribution is western Ethiopia, southern Sudan and northern Uganda.

Colour is sandy fawn with a rufous tinge, the face has a chestnut stripe from the horns to the muzzle with a white patch on the forehead in front of the horns. The rump is white with a black stripe running vertically at the back of each buttock. Both sexes have horns which are strongly ringed and bend back in a gentle curve resembling the Thomson's Gazelle.

Female horns are smaller and slender. Habitat is open plains and short grass. Mainly active in the mornings, need to drink daily.