Nagor Reedbuck
Nagor Reedbuck

Average Mass:
30 kg (65 lb)

Average Shoulder Height:
75 cm (30")

Rowland Ward:


Nagor Reedbuck Spoor

Track: 64mm (2 1/2") x 41mm (1 5/8 ")

Nagor Reedbuck Distribution

Distribution is Burkina Faso and Benin.

The body is light brown to grey-brown in colour, with the undersides white. The horns, found only in males, are strongly ridged, and curve backwards, upwards, and finally forwards, forming a "V" when viewed from the front.  

As parturition approaches, the females breaks away from her mate for 3-4 months.  Most births occur between December and May, and the young lie concealed away from their mothers for up to 2 months.  During this "laying up" period, the mother joins her baby once a day for a half hour interval during which time nursing occurs. 

If startled, reedbucks take flight with an odd rocking-horse movement, although they generally stop after a short distance to look back.  Old bucks are permanently territorial, holding an area of 35-60 hectares, and generally escort a single female, preventing contact with rival males.  Females and young males have an "appeasement dance" which they perform for adult males.  This consists of running around at high speed and making long, floating jumps.  During this display, the tail is curled upwards, and at every bounce scented air is released fom a pocket in the groin, creating a popping sound.  During the dry season, populations converge in lowlands near bodies of water, with individual home ranges varying in size from 5-65 hectares.  As the rains moisten the landscape, they disperse widely.  Average lifetime home ranges have been estimated as 123 hectares for females and 74 hectares for males.  Although they live in close proximity to water, reedbucks rarely enter it.

The main vocalizations are a shrill whistle and a clicking noise, while scent trails through the tall grass are thought to be the main identifiers of the whereabouts of individuals.