Nyassaland Gnu
Nyassaland Gnu

Average Mass:
215 kg (475 lb)

Average Shoulder Height:
110 cm (44")

Rowland Ward:
71.12 cm (28")

64 Points

Nyassaland Gnu Spoor

Track: 86mm (3 3/8") x 61mm (2 3/8")

Nyassaland Gnu Distribution

Distribution is Northern Mozambique and Southern Tanzania (Selous).

Cattle like animal, it carries a black beard and has a distinctive white inverted chevron across the nose.

The male is larger then the female with bigger horns.

Open savanna, especially thorn and tomboti woodland. Prefers short grass plains in valleys and floodplains. Seasonal movements take place to areas with short grass when the grass it feeds on becomes to tall. Dependant on water.