Peter's Duiker
Peter's Duiker

Average Mass:
18 kg (40 lb)

Average Shoulder Height:
50,80 cm (20")

Rowland Ward:
7.62 cm (3")


Peter's Duiker Spoor

Track: 41mm (1 5/8") x 25mm (1 ")

Peter's Duiker Distribution

The Peters’ duiker is present in southern Cameroon , southern C.A.R., west of the Ubangi-Zaire rivers in Congo and possibly in former Zaire , Eq. Guinea and Gabon (East, 1996; Wilson & Reeder, 1993). The distribution map was first obtained from Haltenorth & Diller (1980), later updated using country map boundaries in East (1988, 1990) as indicated by Dr. R. East (23 June '97)

Categorical-discrete (CD) distribution model

This species occurs in primary and secondary lowland and montane forests, where it prefers dense undergrowth. Its absence in riverine strips and gallery forests in the savanna zone is specifically cited (East, 1990; Kingdon, 1997; Heymans & Lejoly, 1981).