Red Flanked Duiker

Average Mass:
12 kg (27 lb)

Average Shoulder Height:
34 cm (13")

Rowland Ward:
6.35 cm (2 1/2")

7 Points

Red Flanked Duiker Spoor

Track: 41mm (1 5/8") x 25mm (1 ")

Red Flanked Duiker Distribution

This duiker is widespread from Senegal , through Cameroon , up to south-western Sudan , north-eastern Uganda and north former Zaire (Wilson & Reeder, 1993; East, 1996). The distribution map was first acquired from Haltenorth & Diller (1980), refined on the basis of the specific country maps in East (1988, 1990) in order to adjust boundaries for Mali, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Niger, Cameroon, Chad, C.A.R., former Zaire and Sudan, as indicated by Dr. R. East (23 June '97)

Categorical-discrete (CD) distribution model

The species lives in riverine forest and in forest relicts within savanna and savanna/forest mosaics (East, 1988; 1990; Kingdon, 1997).