Red Fronted Gazelle
Red Fronted Gazelle

Average Mass:
20-35 kg / 44-77 lb

Average Shoulder Height:
92 cm (36")

Rowland Ward:


Red Fronted Gazelle Spoor

Track:44mm (1 3/4 ") x 25mm (1")

Red Fronted Gazelle Distribution

The red-fronted gazelle occurs from Senegal to north-eastern Ethiopia , with its southern limits stretching from north Togo to north C.A.R. (Wilson & Reeder, 1993; East, 1996). It is likely to be extinct in Gambia and Ghana and possibly in Benin (East, 1996). The distribution map drews from the country maps in East (1988, 1990) and Dr. R. East’s suggestions ( 23 June '97 ). Accordingly, two separate populations are represented in Fig. reflecting the presence of distinct races, while a "possible" area was marked along the south-western limit of Benin , Gambia and Ghana.

Although the red-fronted gazelle can obtain most of its moisture requirements from the plants that it eats, it is more water-dependent than most other species of gazelles which live in the same region.  As a result, these gazelles must undertake seasonal migrations within their range: north into the desert in the wet season, and returning to the south in the dry season.  

These gazelles prefer open habitats, and hence may be found in close proximity with humans and their cultivated areas.  Breeding males defend territories from other males, marking the boundaries with dung piles and secretions from the preorbital glands. 


Categorical-discrete (CD) distribution model

Primarily resident in the Sahel zone (narrow cross-Africa band south of the Sahara), where it prefers arid grasslands, shrubby steppes and wooded savannas (East, 1988; 1990; Spinage, 1986; Osemeobo, 1988; Tchamba & Elkan, 1995).