Rhodesian Defassa Waterbuck (Crawshay)
Rhodesian Defassa Waterbuck (Crawshay)

Average Mass:
168 kg (370 lb)

Average Shoulder Height:
124 cm (49")

Rowland Ward:
63.50 cm (25")

55 Points

Rhodesian Defassa Waterbuck Spoor

Track: 57mm (2 1/4") x 32mm (1 3/4")

Rhodesian Defassa Waterbuck (Crawshay) Distribution

Distribution is Zambia and DRC.

Greyish brown, generally darker on the flanks. Belly and inner legs paler, darker shading on croup, shoulder and neck. Hair is long, semi coarse and even thicker on the neck and flanks, greasy and oily and gives off a strong musky odour. Pale markings around the eyes. The rather short forelegs give it a thickset appearance.

Females are smaller with no horns.

Habitat is swamps, across which it swims with ease and which affords it protection.

It is entirely herbivorous and drinks regularly.