Sing Sing Waterbuck
Sing Sing Waterbuck

Average Mass:
260 kg (572 lb)

Average Shoulder Height:
150 cm (60")

Rowland Ward:
68.58 cm (27")

68 Points

Sing Sing Waterbuck Spoor

Track: 57mm (2 1/4") x 32mm (1 3/4")

Sing Sing Waterbuck Distribution

Distribution is from northern Zaire to CAR and Congo west to Senegal.

Sandy ground colour, darker on the flanks, sharply demarcated from the white of the rump. The rather short forelegs give it a thickset appearance.

Females are smaller with no horns.

a Savanna species never far from water, but normally avoids riverine forests. Found in woodland along rivers, dry floodplains and vleis or in reed-beds along marshes.

It is entirely herbivorous and drinks regularly.