Average Mass:
10 kg (22 lb)

Average Shoulder Height:
52 cm (20")

Rowland Ward:
11.43 cm (4 1/2")

11 Points

Steenbok Spoor

Track: 32mm (1 1/4") x 19mm (1 3/4")

Steenbok Distribution

The steenbok occurs in Africa with two distinct populations, in the south and the east respectively. It has been recorded in Angola, Botswana, Kenya, Les otho, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe (Wilson & Reeder, 1993), while it is likely to have been completely exterminated from Uganda (East, 1996). Its distribution map was first acquired from Skinner & Smithers (1990), then adjusted in accordance with the more accurate maps in East (1988, 1989), as indicated by Dr. R. East (23 June '97)

Categorical-discrete (CD) distribution model

The species prefers open grasslands with bush and shrubs, but also occurs in cultivated areas. It is absent from dense vegetation (East, 1988, 1989; Tinley, 1969; Mills & Hes, 1997; Kingdon, 1997).