Tora Hartebeest
Tora Hartebeest

Average Mass:
160 kg (350 lb)

Average Shoulder Height:
130 cm (51")

Rowland Ward:
50.49 cm (19 7/8 ")

--- Points

Tora Hartebeest Spoor

Track: 79mm (3 1/8") x 48mm (1 7/8")

Tora Hartebeest Distribution

Distribution restricted to southern and central Blue Nile, eastern Sudan and Ethiopia.

Categorical-discrete (CD) distribution model

Prefers open plains and sparse bush with adequate grass. They suffer considerably from bot-fly grubs in their nasal cavities.

The hartebeest, like many antelope, is primarily diurnal, grazing in the early morning and late afternoon, and resting in a shaded area during the hottest part of the day.  During feeding periods, a sentry watches for potential sources of danger, and can often be seen standing on a termite mound in order to increase the range of visibility.  When fleeing, the herd runs in single file, and can reach speeds of up to 80 kmph / 48 mph.  At 3-4 years of age, males attempt to hold a territory.  Marked with dung piles, these defended regions average 31 hectares in area, and are generally taken over by another male after 4-5 years.  Females and males alike are generally non-aggressive, although both sexes will fight vigorously in defense of their offspring or territory.  Population densities average 1.4 animals per square kilometer.