White Rhino
White Rhino

Average Mass:
2150 kg (4 730 lb)

Average Shoulder Height:
170 cm (67")

Rowland Ward:
71.12 cm (28 ")

70 Points

White Rhino Spoor

Track: 279mm (11") x 229mm (9")

White Rhino Distribution

Distribution is Botswana, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

A huge animal with an elongated head and two horns on the snout, the front horn is longer than the back one. The mouth is square and wide, this is because it is a grazer and eats grass, especially short grass. Drinks water when available.

The bull is heavier than the cow. Habitat is grass plains with open marshes and enough water. Important requirements include areas with short grass, water for drinking and bathing, thickets for shelter and fairly flat terrain.

Lives in small groups consisting of a territorial bull, other bulls(tolerated by him), cows and young ones. A territorial bull sprays urine and defecates in latrines along boundaries as a way of marking it's territory. Only the territorial bull urinates by spraying through its hindlegs, the other bulls urinate normally. The territories of territorial bulls become larger in the dry season, while the home ranges of cows overlap.

Poor eyesight but acute sense of hearing and smell. The calf usually walks in front of the mother.